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17.05.2024 09:07

Facebook and Instagram shopping integration for the Stefanie Kehr floristry chain

Screenshot 1: Instagram profile of Stefanie Kehr with linked products. Screenshot 2: Detailed product view of a bouquet of flowers on Instagram. Screenshot 3: Overview of other products in Stefanie Kehr's Instagram shop.

In today's digital world, it is crucial that companies present their products not only on their own website, but also on popular social media platforms. An excellent example of this is our collaboration with the floristry chain Stefanie Kehr from Hamburg. In this article, we show how we successfully integrated Stefanie Kehr's online shop into Facebook and Instagram.

The online shop of Stefanie Kehr

Stefanie Kehr is a well-known floristry chain in Hamburg that offers its customers beautiful flower arrangements. In order to expand her customer base and increase the visibility of her products, we prepared her online shop so that her products could also be presented on Facebook and Instagram.

The CSV feed

A crucial step in the integration of Facebook and Instagram Shopping was the creation of a CSV feed. This feed contains all important product data such as names, prices, availability and links to the product images. Meta (Facebook and Instagram) consumes this feed regularly to ensure that the product information is always up to date.

Integration in Facebook and Instagram

Once the CSV feed was created, we stored the link to this feed in the business settings of Facebook and Instagram. Meta now automatically pulls the product data and displays the products in Stefanie Kehr's Facebook and Instagram account.

Linking and tagging

A major advantage of this integration is the ability to link and tag products directly in Instagram stories and posts. Users can click on the product links and see a detailed preview of the product, including multiple images, price and availability. Another click takes them directly to the product detail page in the online shop where they can finalise their purchase.


The integration of Facebook and Instagram Shopping has enabled Stefanie Kehr to present her products to a wider audience and simplify the purchasing process for her customers. This type of integration is an important step for any business looking to strengthen its online presence and increase sales.

If you want to integrate your online shop with Facebook and Instagram, contact us and find out how we can help you!

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